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Traffic Commission04/16/20181:30 PM
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Supporting Materials
  Approval of the Minutes of the March 19, 2018, Mee - 2018-03 Minutes.pdf
  Report on Licensed Taxi and Wrecker Services from - 2018-04 Traffic Commission Item 3 Vehicle for hire report.pdf
  Colton Miller and Traffic Management Division War - IV-A Remove school zones parking turn and access restrictions for Greystone Lower Elementary School WARD 2.pdf
  Traffic Management Division Ward 6 Municipal Cod - IV-B Remove school zones for Columbus Elementary School WARD 6.pdf
  Core38, LLC All Wards Municipal Code §56-23, §56 - IV-C Core38 LLC limousine vehicle for hire application ALL WARDS.pdf
  Jonathan Heusel, PE, CNU-A, PATH Engineering, Desi - V-A Add reserved parking for the physically disabled on N Hudson Avenue north of NW 6 Street WARD 6.pdf
  Timothy W. Johnson, P.E., Johnson & Associates, In - V-B Traffic signal at N Oklahoma Avenue and E Britton Road WARD 7.pdf
  Timothy W. Johnson, P.E., Johnson & Associates, In - V-C Traffic signal at N Rockwell Avenue and proposed NW 143 Street WARD 8.pdf
  Comments from Citizens - 2018-04 Traffic Commission Item 6.pdf
  Reports and other items from Traffic Commissioners - 2018-04 Traffic Commission Item 7.pdf