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Community and Neighborhood Enhancement Advisory11/05/201810:00 AM
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Supporting Materials
  Approve minutes for the September 10, 2018 meeting - CANEAB MINUTES 09102018.doc
  Status Update - III.A.1.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.A.1.Z_BlankPage.doc
  Discussion on revised arterial street resurfacing - III.A.2.Memo.doc
  Discussion on revised residential street resurfaci - III.A.3.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.B.1.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.B.1.Z_BlankPage.doc
  Status Update - III.C.1.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.C.1.Z_BlankPage.doc
  Status Update - III.D.1.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.D.1.Z_BlankPage.doc
  Status Update - III.E.1.Memo.doc
  Status Update - III.E.1.Z_BlankPage.doc
  Receive Revenue and Expense Report - IV.A.Sales Tax Financial Summary Memo - 110518.doc
  Receive Revenue and Expense Report - IV.A Sales Tax Financial Summary Report 2018 10.pdf