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Downtown Design Review Committee01/17/20199:30 AM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  December 20, 2018 - Minutes draft.doc
  CE-00981, at 35 NE 6th St. (DBD) Consideration and - CE-00981 staff report.doc
  CE-00981, at 35 NE 6th St. (DBD) Consideration and - CE-00981 Zoning Map
  CE-00981, at 35 NE 6th St. (DBD) Consideration and - CE-00981 Attachments.pdf
  CE-00981, at 35 NE 6th St. (DBD) Consideration and - CE-00981 Photos.pdf
  Elect Chair. - Elect Chair.doc
  Elect Vice-Chair. - Elect Vice Chair.doc
  Nathaniel Harding Resolution:  To adopt a res - Nathaniel Harding Resolution Staff Report.doc
  Chuck Ainsworth Resolution:  To adopt a resol - Chuck Ainsworth Resolution Staff Report.doc
  DTCA-17-00087 R4 at 623-629 W Sheridan Ave (DBD) A - DTCA-17-00087 R4 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00049 (R3) at 800 NW 4th St (DTD-1) Applic - DTCA-18-00049 R3 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00096 R1 at 911 NW 13th St (DTD-1) Applica - DTCA-18-00096 R1 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00115 at 211 N Robinson Ave (DBD) Applicat - DTCA-18-00115 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00116 at 131 W Reno Ave (DBD) Application - DTCA-18-00116 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00117 at 328 N Walker Ave (DBD) Applicatio - DTCA-18-00117 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00119 at 824 NW 9th St (DTD-1) Application - DTCA-18-00119 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00120 at 820 NW 9th St (DTD-1) Application - DTCA-18-00120 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00121 at 831 NW 9th St (DTD-1) Application - DTCA-18-00121 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00122 at 1 Myriad Gardens (DBD) Appli - DTCA-18-00122 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00130 at 531 Couch Dr (DBD) Application by - DTCA-18-00130 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00131 at 722 S Walker Ave (DBD) Applicatio - DTCA-18-00131 AA DEC 2018.pdf
  DTCA-18-00132 at 308 NW 10th St (DBD) Application - DTCA-18-00132 AA DEC 2018.pdf