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Traffic Commission01/25/20191:30 PM
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Supporting Materials
  Approval of the Minutes of the November 19, 2018 M - 2018-11 Minutes.pdf
  Report on Licensed Taxi and Wrecker Services from - 2019-01 Traffic Commission Item 3 Vehicle for hire report.pdf
  Traffic Management Division All Wards Municipal - IV-A Recommendation to the City Council on requests to renew wrecker service contracts for 2019-2020 ALL WARDS.pdf
  Lisa West, Principal, Prairie Queen Elementary Sch - IV-B Change access restriction end time and effective days on SW 66 Street for Prarie Queen Elementary School WARD 5.pdf
  Traffic Management Division Ward 6 Municipal Cod - IV-C Ratify restoring stop control on NW 11 Street at N Hudson Avenue and establish all-way stop control WARD 6.pdf
  Keith D. Wilkinson, Oklahoma City ADA Coordinator - IV-D Relocate reserved parking for physically disabled on E Sheridan Avenue east of Oklahoma Avenue WARD 7.pdf
  Lone Oak East R1, LLC Ward 8 Municipal Code - IV-E Ratify traffic signal at Remington Way - Aspen Brook Lane and NW 150 Street WARD 8.pdf
  Racquel Bragg Wards 4 and 5 Municipal Code §32-6 - V-A Convert S Walker Avenue and SW 69 Street to all-way stop control WARDS 4 and 5.pdf
  Timothy W. Johnson, P.E., President, Johnson & Ass - V-B Convert yield to stop control at 8 intersections in Heritage Hills and Mesta Park additions WARD 6 With Grid -1.pdf
  Lydia Leslie, P.E., Kimley-Horn and Associates, In - V-C Establish full-time passenger loading zone on SW 4 Street east of S Robinson Avenue for Omni Hotel WARD 7.pdf
  Tom Knudsen, Vice President, Medical Community Nei - V-D Convert Culbertson Drive and NE 20 Street to all-way stop control WARD 7.pdf
  Amber Pankey Ward 8 Municipal Code §32-69 and §3 - V-E Establish all-way stop control at 5 intersections in Griffin Park Addition Melville Parkgrove WARD 8 With Grid.pdf
  Steve Lackmeyer Ward 8 Municipal Code §32-69 and - V-F Establish all-way stop control at 3 intersections in Durbin Hills Addition Wain Bridge Woodsorrel NW 173 NW 176 WARD 8 w-Grid.pdf
  Comments from Citizens - 2019-01 Traffic Commission Item 6.pdf
  Reports and other items from Traffic Commissioners - 2019-01 Traffic Commission Item 7.pdf